Social Media Marketing

Paid social media ads that scale and increase your return on investment


At tan. cos. theta. we blend creative, paid advertising and analytics with one goal in mind and that is to drive conversions

Whether you want to gain customers for your local store, or sell your products or services at a national or global level, our social media advertising team is your partner for success.


Dollars in Ad-Spends







With tan cos theta. advertising effectively on social media sites is not a daydream anymore


Facebook ads are designed around specific marketing objectives. This means that each campaign needs to be carefully crafted for a specific purpose.

Our experts make sure that your campaigns are not just background noise to a group of potential customers—they are solutions geared towards a group of individuals who are actively looking for one.


Twitter allows you to include certain phrases in your advertising campaigns so that whenever your target audience tweets with these keywords, they will be able to view your advertisement.

This opens a huge gateway to targeting relevant prospects and increasing your conversions—but only if you do it right.


As a social media agency which focuses on creating and deploying effective strategies for social media advertising,

We understand the true power of Instagram, and have spent years honing our skills in Instagram advertising and marketing, and creating the right campaigns for our esteemed customers


LinkedIn is easily the best social media platform for B2B advertising. However, it is extremely important that your content reaches the right audience.

The well-trained experts at tan cos theta. will ensure that both your ads and sponsored content is received by the audience you are targeting and is received well.

See How We Helped BeWell Grow 10x Leads In 3 Months!

Social media advertising is here to stay. And tan. Cos. theta. ensures that your business has the right practices in place that leads you to more conversions.


If you’re interested in advertising on social media sites, but you’re unsure where to start, reach out to us and have our experts take care of your advertising troubles.

pricing Services

Digital marketing solutions that don't burn your pocket.

1. consultation
$19 per hour
  • 6 year experienced resource
  • SEO Expert
  • PPC Expert
  • Social Media Expert
  • Email Marketing Expert
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Digital Marketing Audit
  • Year Long Strategy Design
  • Content Strategy
  • No Contract. Cancel Anytime

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2. outsourcing
$199 per month
  • we strategize and execute everything.
  • SEO Services
  • PPC Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Video Production
  • Video Marketing
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Physical Meetings
  • Lead Generation
  • No Contract. Cancel Anytime

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3. Remote Team
$1999+ per month
  • Hire an affordable but talented remote team that will work up to 9 hours a day, 5 days a week just for you. Let us handle the Human Resources and talent sourcing while you focus on results at a fraction of the cost.
  • 10 hour consultation included
  • 9 hours a day x 5 days a week
  • Minimum 2 year experience
  • SEO Expert
  • PPC Expert
  • Social Media Expert
  • Email Expert
  • Analytics Expert

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